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The Water Resources Faculty at the University of Georgia are committed in our teaching and training future generations through research and outreach. By doing so, we add value to every drop and wisely use our water resources.

Learn about how we all can manage this most important of all our natural resources.

Georgia Water Facts

Rainfall accounts for approximately 95% of the water in the Okefenokee Swamp. 80% of the rainfall is returned to the atmosphere by evapotranspiration, leaving only 20% to find its way down the Suwannee and St. Mary's Rivers. (Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Fact sheet on the Okefenokee)

Featured Members

Melvin GarberMelvin Garber
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia
Robert HawmanRobert Hawman
Department of Geology, University of Georgia
John RuterJohn Ruter
Department of Horticulture, Coastal Plain Station, Tifton Campus, University of Georgia
Brian KiepperBrian Kiepper
Driftmier Engineering Center, University of Georgia