The University of Georgia

Undergraduate Classes

The Undergraduate Certificate program is made up of six categories.
Students only need to fulfill FIVE of the six categories listed below:

UG1 = 1. Water Resource Foundations
UG2: = 2. Water Quality Foundations
UG3: = 3. Hydrologic Processes
UG4: = 4. Biological Interactions
UG5: = 5. Management, Economics, and Policy
UG6: = 6. Applications

The second requirement is the completion of six water resources seminars. Attendance at each seminar must be documented by providing a one-paragraph summary of the presentation via email to Jenny Yearwood. A list of current Water Resources Seminars can be found at our calendar. A maximum of three (of the six) seminars can be taken online at Cyberseminars.

Course ID Co-Listed Course Title Instructor Hours Fall Spr Sum Cat
AAEC 3980 Introduction to Agribusiness Management Stegelin 3 All UG5
AAEC 4250 EHSC Environmental and Public Health Law Centner 3 All UG5
AAEC 4930 ENVM Environmental Law and Governmental Regu Centner 3 Odd UG5
APTC 3060 Soils and Water Resources Conservation 3 UG2
CRSS 1020 WASR Introduction to Water Resources Radcliffe & Rasmu 3 All UG1
CRSS 2010/2010L Crop Science 4 UG4,
5, or 6
CRSS 3060/3060L FANR Soil and Hydrology Miller, Jackson & Rasmussen 4 All All UG1
CRSS 3540 Soil Morphology and Interpretation Miller & Morris 1 All UG1
CRSS 3920 Environmental Soil Science Internship Multiple 3 All All UG6
CRSS 4530 Soils in Natural and Managed Ecosystems Miller 3 All UG3
CRSS 4540/4540L GEOL Pedology Miller 3 All UG1
CRSS 4564 Environmental Geochemistry of Radionuclides Seaman 3
CRSS 4580/4580L Soil Erosion and Conservation Miller & Habteselassie 4 All UG2
CRSS 4590/4590L Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Laboratory Cabrera 3 All UG2
CRSS 4600/4600L Soil Physics Radcliffe 4 All UG3
CRSS 4610/4610L MIBO Soil Microbiology Habteselassie 3 All UG4
CRSS 4660/4660L Chemical Analysis of Environmental Samples Thompson 3 All UG2
CRSS 4670/4670L Environmental Soil Chemistry Thompson 3 All UG2
ECOL 3520 Ecological Applications 3 UG5
ECOL 3530 Conservation Biology Carroll & Pringle 3 All UG4 ideally,
ECOL 4000 Population and Community Ecology Drake 3 All UG4
ECOL 4010 Ecosystem Ecology 3 All UG4
ECOL 4050/4050L Ichthyology Freeman 4 All UG4
ECOL 4310/4310L FISH/
Limnology Rosemond 4 All UG4
ECOL 4940 Internship in Ecology Multiple 2-4 All All All UG6
ECON 4150 Environmental Economics Sandifer 3 All UG5
EHSC 3060 Introduction to Environmental Health Science Zimeri 3 All All UG1
EHSC 3910 Internship in Environmental Health Science Multiple 3 All All UG6
EHSC 4080 Environmental Air Quality UG3
EHSC 4090 Emerging Technologies: Bioremediation 3 Even UG5
EHSC 4100/4100L Industrial Hygiene UG5
EHSC 4150 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management MacIntosh 3 All UG5
EHSC 4250 Environmental and Public Health Law Centner 3 All UG5
EHSC 4310/4310L FDST/
Environmental Microbiology Lipp 4 All UG4
EHSC 4350/4350L Environmental Chemistry Black 3 Even UG2
EHSC 4400 Environmental Issues in the Developing World 3 All UG4
EHSC 4490 Environmental Toxicology Smith 3 All UG4
EHSC 4610 Water Pollution and Human Health Black 3 All UG2
ENGR 3160 Fluid Mechanics Multiple 3 All All UG3
ENGR 3410 Introduction to Natural Resources Engineering Tollner 3 All UG1
ENGR 3440 Water Management Tollner 3 All UG5
ENGR 3900 Cooperative Work Experience Multiple 1 All All All UG6
ENGR 4111/4111L GEOG Atmospheric Thermodynamics Stooksbury 3 Odd
ENGR 4131/4131L Introductory Atmospheric Physics Stooksbury 3 Even
ENGR 4161/4161L GEOG Environmental Microclimatology Stooksbury 4 Even UG4
ENGR 4171 MARS Atmospheric and Oceanic Thermodynamics Stooksbury 4 Odd
ENGR 4175 MARS Coastal Meteorology Stooksbury 4 Odd
ENGR 4440 Environmental Engineering – Unit Operations Das 3 All UG4
ENGR 4450 Environmental Engineering – Remediation Design Kastner 3 All UG6
ENGR 4460 Groundwater Hydrology for Engineers 3
ENGR 4480 Instrumentaion for Environmental Quality Stooksbury 3 All
ENGR 4920 Engineering Design Project Multiple 4 All UG6
ENVE 3510 Modeling, Statistical Analysis, and Uncertainty Stooksbury 3 All UG5
ENVE 4550 Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Li 3 All UG5
ENVE 4720 (proposed) Urban Infrastructure Planning and Development Li & Crowley 3 All UG6
ENVE 4920 Environmental Engineering Design IV 2 All UG6
ENVM 2060 Green Economics Ferreira 3 All UG5
ENVM 3060 Principles of Resource Economics 3 All UG5
ENVM 4250 EHSC Environmental and Public Health Law Centner 3 ALL UG5
ENVM 4380 Environmental Management 3 All UG5
ENVM 4650 Environmental Economics Ferreira 3 All UG5
ENVM 4770H AAEC/ECOL/FANR/EHSC The Business of Environmental Law 3 All UG5
ENVM 4800 Water Resources Economics Mullen 3 All UG6
ENVM 4930 Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation Centner 3 Odd UG5
FANR 2200 International Issues in Natural Resources and Conservation Carroll & Hernandez 3 All All UG5
FANR 3300/3300D Economics of Renewable Resources Moore 3 All All UG5
FANR 3400/3400D Society and Natural Resource Green 2 All All UG5
Field Studies in Natural Resources Tarrant 3 to 6 hrs All All All UG5
FANR 4500 Senior Project in Forestry and Natural Resources Management Multiple 4 All All UG6
FANR 4800/6800 Renewable Resources Policy Izlar 2 All All UG5
FANR 4810 ECOL Natural Resources Law C. Clutter 3 All UG5
FISH 4200 Aquatic Biology Wilde 3 All UG2
Environmental Biology of Fishes Peterson 3 ALL UG4
Conservation Aquaculture Bringolf 3 Odd UG4
FISH 4600 ECOL Ecotoxicology 3 Even UG4
FISH 4650L Georgia Fishes Field Study Wilde
4 All UG2
FORS 3010/3010L Dendrology Merkle & Coder 2 All All UG4
GEOG 1112/1112L Introduction to Weather and Climate Multiple 4 All All UG1
GEOG 1125 Resources and Environment Sarmiento 3 All All All UG5
GEOG 3010 General Geomorphology Leigh 3 All All UG1
GEOG 3110 Climatology Grundstein 3 All UG3
GEOG 3120/3120L Weather Analysis and Forecasting Mote 3 All UG6
GEOG 3290 Mountain Geography Sarmiento 3 All UG5
GEOG 3620 Introduction to Economic Geography Herod 3 All All UG5
GEOG 3990 Internship in Geography 3 All All UG6
GEOG 4020 Fluvial Geomorphology Leigh 3 All UG1
GEOG 4040 Global Environmental Change During the Quaternary Brook 3 All All UG1
GEOG 4060 Field and Laboratory Methods in Physical Geography Leigh 3 CR UG1
GEOG 4112 ENGR Atmospheric Dynamics I Grundstein 3 Even UG1
GEOG 4114 Atmospheric Dynamics II Knox 3 Odd UG6
GEOG 4116 (proposed) Introduction to Data Assimilation Knox 3 UG3
GEOG 4120 Synoptic Meteorology/Climatology Mote 3 Odd UG6
GEOG 4140 Satellite Meteorology/Climatology Mote & Shepherd 3 All UG3
GEOG 4150 Physical Climatology Grundstein 3 Odd UG3
GEOG 4160 Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment Shepherd 3 Even UG3
GEOG 4170/4170L Mesoscale and Radar Meteorology/Climatology Shepherd 3 Even UG3
GEOG 4300 Introductory Spatial Analysis Holloway & Madden 3 All All
GEOG 4330/4330L The Use and Interpretation of Aerial Photographs Madden 3 All All UG6
GEOG 4350/4350L Remote Sensing of Environment Jordan 3 All All UG6
GEOG 4730 Geographic Information Science Chou, Chiaoying
Mu, Lan
Yao, Xiaobai
3 All UG6
GEOG 4911 Collaborative Research in Atmospheric Sciences Multiple 3 Even
GEOL 3010/3010L Earth Materials Swamson 4 All UG1,
GEOL 3020/3020L Surficial and Near-Surficial Processes Dowd & Schroeder 4 UG1
GEOL 3030 Elementary Oceanography Railsback 3 All UG2
GEOL 3220 Water Resources Issues Wenner 3 All UG5
GEOL 4010 Life and Ecologies of the Past Walker 3 All UG4
GEOL 4020 Internal Earth Processes Roden 3 All UG2
GEOL 4110 Principles of Geochemistry Roden 3 All UG2
GEOL 4130 Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry Nzengung 3 All UG4
GEOL 4220 Hydrogeology Dowd 3 All UG3
GEOL 4270 Geology Field Studies Multiple 6 All UG6
GEOL 4620 Exploration Geophysics Hawman 3 All UG1
GEOL 4640 Geochemical and Geophysical Surveys Crowe & Hawman 3 Even UG2
GEOL 4670 Environmental Instrumental Analysis 3 All UG2
HORT 4440 Environmental Physiology van Iersel 4 All
HORT 4990 Environmental Issues in Horticulture Bailey 1 All UG5
LAND 3030 Landscape Architecture Design Studio III-Planting Design 5 All UG3
LAND 3040 Landscape Architecture Design Studio IV 5 All UG5
LAND 3330 Landscape Engineering Processes and Materials 3 All UG1
LAND 3340 Applied Landscape Engineering 3 All UG5
LAND 3530 Planning, Design, and Analysis Sawhill
3 UG6
LAND 4360 Applied Landscape Ecology Faculty 3 All UG4
MARS 3100 Oceans in Peril Joye 3 All UG2
MARS 3450/3450L Marine Biology Alber & Moran 4 All UG4
MARS 4100 Physical Processes in the Ocean Di Iorio & Meile 3 Odd UG1
MARS 4200 Chemical and Biological Oceanography Binder 3 All
MARS 4450 Intorduction to Marine Chemistry Cai 3 All UG2
MARS 4500 Field Study in Oceanography and Marine Methods 5 All
MARS 4620 MIBO Micobial Ecology Joye & Moran 3 Odd UG4
MARS 4810 Global Biogeochemical Cycles Meile 3 Odd UG4
MIBO 3000 Introductory Applied Microbiology Summers 4 All UG4
MIBO 3500 Introductory Microbiology Paz
3 All UG4
NRRT 3310 Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Awareness Tarrant 3 All UG5
WASR 4000/4000L FORS Forest Soil Management Morris 3 Odd
WASR 4110/4110L FORS Forest Hydrology Jackson 4 All UG3
WASR 4300 Field Methods in Hydrology 3 All UG5
WASR 4330L Field Methods in Hydrology Rasmussen 3 All UG6
WASR 4400/4400L Introduction to Wetlands Jackson 3 All UG4
WASR 4400/4400L CRSS/
Hydrology, Geology, and Soils of Georgia Multiple 3 All UG6
WASR 4500 Quantitative Methods in Hydrology Rasmussen 3 All UG3
Hydrology, Geology, and Soils of Georgia 3 All UG5
WILD 3000 FISH Introduction to Fish and Wildlife Management Shelton & Warren 2 All UG4