The University of Georgia

Graduate Classes

The Graduate Certificate program is made up of six categories.
Those categories are listed below:

CAT: = G1. Hydrology and Environmental Chemistry
CAT: = G2. Environmental Considerations
CAT: = G3. Social Institutions
CAT: = G4. Economics
CAT: = G5. Environmental Policy
CAT: = G6. Advanced Tools and Methods

Course ID Co-Listed Course Title Instructor Hours Fall Spr Sum Days Period Gradonly? CAT
AAEC 6930 Environmental Law and Government Centner 3 Odd TR 5 No G3
AAEC 7600 Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis 3 All no No G5
AAEC 8100 Nonmarket Economic Valuation Techniques and Applications Bergstrom 3 All no Yes G4
AAEC 8700 ECOL Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis 3 All no Yes G4
AAEC 8750 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Wetzstein 3 Odd TR 4 Yes G5
CRSS 6540/6540L GEOL Pedology Miller 3 All TR 6 No G1
CRSS 6564 Environmental Geochemistry of Radionuclides Seaman 3 No
CRSS 6580/6580L Soil Erosion and Conservation Miller & Habteselassie 4 All no No G1
CRSS 6590/6590L Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Laboratory Cabrera 3 All TR 6 No
CRSS 6600/6600L Soil Physics Radcliffe 4 All MWF 5 No G1
CRSS 6610/6610L MIBO Soil Microbiology Habteselassie 3 All M 2 No
CRSS 6660/6660L Chemical Analysis of Environment Thompson 3 All WF 6 No G1
CRSS 6670/6670L Environmental Soil Chemistry Thompson 3 All TR 2 No G1
CRSS 8000 Soil Physical Chemistry Thompson 3 Odd TR 3 Yes G1
CRSS 8600 Advanced Soil Physics Radcliffe 2 All TR 1 Yes G6
CRSS 8650 ECOL Nutrient Cycling Models Cabrera 3 All TR 2 Yes G2
CSCI 6210 Modeling and Simulation Miller 4 All TR,W 4,3 No G6
ECOL 6050/6050L Ichthyology Freeman 4 All TR 3 No
ECOL 6100/6100L Industrial Hygiene Tippit 3 All no No
ECOL 6130 GIS for Environmental Planning Kramer 3 All no Yes G6
ECOL 6310/6310L FISH/
Limnology Rosemond 4 All MW 2 No G1
ECOL 8150/8150L ENTO/
Wetland Ecology Batzer 3 Odd T 3&4 Yes G2
ECOL 8220 Stream Ecology Covich & Freeman 2 All W 8&9 Yes G2
ECOL 8230 Lake Ecology Covich & Wilde 2 All Yes
ECOL 8330 WILD Landscape Ecology Cymerman 3 All Yes G6
ECOL 8420L Watershed Conservation Freeman 3 Even no Yes G2
ECOL 8600 Nuclear Tracers in Ecology Coleman 3 Yes
ECOL 8700 AAEC Environmental Policy and Management 3 All no Yes G5
ECOL 8710 Environmental Law Practicum Fowler 4 All T 6&7 Yes G3
ECOL 8720 Environmental Law for Design Professionals Fowler 3 All no Yes G3
ECOL 8730 Environmental Policy McDowell 3 All Yes G5
ECOL 8990 Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Quality McDowell 1-3 All All All M 5,6,7 Yes G2
EDES 6270 EDES Environmental Design Uses of Geographic Information Systems Bramlett 3 not
EDES 6640 The History of Urban Planning Reinberger 3 G3
EDES 6650 PLAN City Planning Ramos 3 POD G2
EDES 7350 Landscape Management Goetcheus 3 All All Yes G3
EHSC 6080 Environmental Air Quality TR 5-Jan No G1
EHSC 6150 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Zimeri 3 All MWF 3 No
EHSC 6250 Environmental and Public Health Law Centner 3 All TR 4 No G3
EHSC 6350/6350L Environmental Chemistry Black 3 Even no No
EHSC 6610 Water Pollution and Human Health Black 3 All TR 2 No G2
EHSC 8120 AAEC Roles and Responsibilities of Environmental Policy Makers Williams 2 All no Yes G5
EHSC 8310 Aquatic Microbiology, Health and the Environment Lipp 3 Odd W,WF 3,3&4 Yes G2
EHSC 8410 Oceans and Human Health 3 Even no Yes G2
EHSC 8510/8510L Environmental Risk Assessment and Communication 3 Odd no Yes
Aquatic Toxicology Black 3 Odd no Yes G2
ENGR 4550 Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Li 3 All no No
ENGR 6111/6111L GEOG Atmospheric Thermodynamics No
ENGR 6130 Bio Engineering 3 All no No G2
ENGR 6131/6131L Introductory Atmospheric Physics No
ENGR 6140 Intro to Systems Modeling 3 All no No G6
ENGR 6161/6161L GEOG Environmental Microclimatology Stooksbury 4 Even no No
ENGR 6171 MARS Atmospheric and Oceanic Thermodynamics Stooksbury 4 Odd no No
ENGR 6175 MARS Coastal Meteorology Stooksbury 4 Odd T.R 5,&6,6 No
ENGR 6410 Open Channel Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Tollner 3 TR 6 No
ENGR 6450 Environmental Engineering – Remediation Design Kastner 3 All MWF 2 No
ENGR 6480 Instrumentaion for Environmental Quality No
ENGR 7430 Nonpoint Source Modeling Tollner 3 Odd Yes G6
ENGR 8160 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3 All no Yes G6
ENGR 8420 Theory of Drainage – Saturated Flow Tollner 3 Even Yes G1
Wetland Ecology Batzer & Sharitz 3 Odd T 3&4 Yes G2
ENTO 8940/8940L Aquatic Entomology Batzer 4 Even no Yes
ENVM 6650 Environmental Economics Ferreira 3 All TR 3 No
ENVM 6800 Water Resources Economics Mullen 3 All TR 3 G4
ENVM 6930 Environmental Law and Government Centner 3 Odd TR 5 No
FANR 6800 Renewable Resources Policy 2 Every G5
FANR 6810 Natural Resources Law for Managers Clutter 4 All TR 4 Yes G3
FANR 7680 Economic Perspectives on Natural Resource Issues Moore 3 All TR 5 Yes G4
FANR 7750 The Science of Sustainability Markewitz 2 Odd M 3-5pm Yes G5
FANR 7850 Natural Resoures Law for Managers Clutter 4 All no G3
FANR 7860 AAEC Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Moore 3 All no Yes G4
FISH 6100/6100L WASR Environmental Monitoring Shelton 3 All TR 3 No
FISH 6200 Aquatic Biology Wilde 1-3 All No G2
Environmental Biology of Fishes Bringolf 3 All TR 5 No G2
FISH 8350 Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology 3 Even no Yes G2
FORS 8180 Principles of Forest Land Treatment Morris 2 Even no Yes G2
GEOG 6020 Fluvial Geomorphology Leigh 3 All TR 3 No G1
GEOG 6020 Field and Laboratory Methods in Physical Geography Leigh 3 CR No
GEOG 6112 ENGR Atmospheric Dynamics I Grundstein 3 Even no No
GEOG 6114 Atmospheric Dynamics II Knox 3 Odd TR 3 No
GEOG 6120 Synoptic Meteorology/Climatology Mote 3 Odd MWF 3 No
GEOG 6140 Satellite Meteorology/Climatology Mote & Shepherd 3 All MWF 3 No
GEOG 6150 Physical Climatology Grundstein 3 Odd TR 5 No
GEOG 6160 Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment Shepherd 3 Even no No Fits
GEOG 6170/6170L Mesoscale and Radar Meteorology/Climatology Shepherd 3 Even no No
GEOG 6330 Aerial Photographs and Image Interpretation Madden 3 All All MW 2 No G6
GEOG 6350/6350L Remote Sensing of Environment 3 All All no No G6
GEOG 6370/6370L Introduction to GIS 3 All All no G6
GEOG 8020 Geomorphology Seminar Leigh 3 All AR Yes G1
GEOG 8120 Geographic Information Science 3 All All All M 4&5 No G6
GEOG 8810 Seminar in Human-Environment Relationships 3 All no Yes G3
GEOL 6110 Principles of Geochemistry Roden 3 All no No
GEOL 6220 Hydrogeology Dowd 3 All G1
GEOL 6620 Exploration Geophysics Hawman 3 All TR 2 No G6
GEOL 8150 Earth Surface Geochemistry Railsback 3 Odd no Yes G1
GEOL 8460 Isotope Geochemistry Roden & Wright 3 Odd M 5 Yes G1
GEOL 8700 Physical Hydrogeology Dowd 3 All TR 3 Yes G1
GEOL 8740 WASR Hydrologic Flow and Transport Modeling Dowd & Rasmussen 3 Odd TR 2 Yes G6
GEOL 8750 Environmental Organic Geochemistry Nzengung 3 Even no Yes G1
GEOL 8760 CRSS Organic Contaminant Hydrogeology Nzengung 3 All no Yes G6
GEOL 8770 Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Nzengung 3 Odd no Yes G2
GEOL 8780 Environmental Isotopes Neary 3 Odd no Yes G6
HORT 6440 Environmental Physiology van Iersel 4 All No
HORT 8160 Measurement and Control in Plant and Soil Science van Iersel 3 no Yes G6
LAND 6310 Landscape Ecology: Materials and Processes Evans, LaHaie, and Vick 3 All G2
LAND 6340 Constructing Landscapes I Sawhill 3 All G1
LAND 6350 Ecological Landscape Restoration Calabria 3 All G6
LAND 6660 LAND Sustainable Building Design Lawrence 3 All No G2
LAND 6730 Issues and Practices in Sustainable Design Vick 2 All Prerequisite
LAND 4380 and
LAND 4570

LAND 6900
LAND Research Strategies Rivero 2 All All POD G2
MARS 6100 Physical Processes in the Ocean Di Iorio & Meile 3 Odd no No
MARS 6450 Introduction to Marine Chemistry Cai 3 All no NO
MARS 6500 Field Study in Oceanography and Marine Methods TR 4 No
MARS 6620 MIBO Micobial Ecology Joye & Moran 3 Odd MWF 2 No G2
MARS 6810 Global Biogeochemical Cycles Meile 3 Even no No G2
MARS 8010 Biological Oceanography Processes Hollibaugh 3 TR 3 Yes G2
MARS 8020/8020L Chemical Oceanography Cai & Sun 3 All TR 3 Yes G1
MARS 8030 General Physical Oceanography 3 All TR 2 Yes G1
MARS 8100 Estuarine and Coastal Oceanography Di Iorio 3 Odd no Yes
MARS 8120 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Di Iorio 3 Even no Yes G1
MARS 8130 Seminar in Hydrobiology multiple 1-3 All no Yes G2
MARS 8140 Organic Geochemistry 3 Odd no Yes G1
MARS 8150 Ocean Waves Di Iorio 3 Odd no Yes
MARS 8160 Marine Ecology Alber 3 Odd MW 8:40-
Yes G2
MARS 8210 ANTH Topics in Coastal Marine Policy Alber 3 Even no Yes G5
MARS 8510 Modeling Marine Systems Burd 3 Even no Yes G6
PBIO 8850/8850L CRSS/
Terrestrial Biogeochemical Cycling 4 Even no Yes G6
Chemical Toxicology 3 All VR? ?? Yes G2
PLAN 6520 PLAN Urban Design Yilmaz 3 All All All G2
PLAN 6430 Urban Infrastructure Crowley 3 All All G2
PLAN 6520 PLAN Env Plan Studio I Rivero 4 All Yes G2
PLAN 6540 Environmental Planning Studio II Rivero 4 All G2
WASR 6000/6000L FORS Forest Soil Management Morris 3 Odd TR 1 No
WASR 6110/6110L FORS Forest Hydrology Jackson 4 All MWF 1 No G1
WASR 6500 Quantitative Methods in Hydrology Rasmussen 3 All TR 2 No G1
Hydrology, Geology, and Soils of Georgia Multiple 3 Even no No
WASR 8200 Hillslope Hydrology Seminar Jackson 3 Odd M 5,6,7 Yes G1
WASR 8730 GEOL Aquifer Mechanics Rasmussen & Dowd 3 Even no Yes G1