The University of Georgia

Area of Expertise

Keywords for Areas Expertise Faculty
3-d groundwater flow modeling Dowd, John
acid-base Cai, Wei-jun
acoustic scintillation Di Iorio, Daniela
acoustic systems Di Iorio, Daniela
adaptation of native
azaleas and rhododendrons to the Coastal Plain
Ruter, John
agricultural climatology Knox, Pam
agricultural law Centner, Terence
agricultural pollution
Risse, Mark
agricultural products Tollner, Bill
agricultural structures Worley, John
agricultural waste
Radcliffe, David
agroecosystems Cabrera, Miguel
agronomy Cabrera, Miguel
agronomy Radcliffe, David
allergy triggers Turner, Pam
alternative energy Hawkins, Gary
anaerobic digestion Hawkins, Gary
animal assemblages Grossman, Gary
animal waste Gaskin, Julia
animal waste

Radcliffe, David &
Habteselassie, Mussie

animal wate and nutrient
Risse, Mark
anthropogenic impacts on
aquatic systems
Winger, Parley
anthropology Brook, George
apple snails Wilde, Susan
applications of biomarker
and isotope technique
Sun, Ming-Yi
applied econometrics Ferreira, Susana
aquaculture Burtle, Gary
aquatic biodiversity Freeman, Mary
aquatic biomonitoring with
Black, Marsha
aquatic ecology Wilde, Susan
aquatic ecology Winger, Parley
aquatic ecosystems Pringle, Cathy
aquatic ecosystems Rosemond, Amy
aquatic food webs Covich, Alan
aquatic habitat Jackson, Rhett
aquatic habitat
Porter, Jim
aquatic habitat
Pringle, Cathy
aquatic organisms Grossman, Gary
aquatic toxicity of
Black, Marsha
aquatic toxicology Black, Marsha
aquatic toxicology Winger, Parley
aquatic weeds Shelton, Jay
Burtle, Gary
archaeological Garrison, Ervan
archaeology Brook, George
athletic field Henry, Gerald
atmosphere Knox, John
atmosphere Mote, Tom
atmospheric sciences Mote, Tom
avian vacuolar
Wilde, Susan
azalea lace bug
Braman, Kristine
bacteria Lipp, Erin
bacterial roles Moran, Mary Ann
beaches Kriesel, Warren
bedding plants van Iersel, Marc
betnthic fauna Meile, Christof
biodiversity Covich, Alan
bioeconomic modeling Mullen, Jeff
biogeochemical cycling of
Joye, Samantha
biogeochemistry of methane
Joye, Samantha
bioirrigation Meile, Christof
biological habitat
Gattie, David
biological sciences Alber, Merryl
biomarkers Black, Marsha
bioremediation Habteselassie, Mussie
biosolids Gaskin, Julia
biotechnology Paterson, Andrew
bioturbation Meile, Christof
boundary-layer climates Mote, Tom
breeding efficiency Li, Zenglu
byproduct gypsum Gaskin, Julia
carbon cycling in coastal
Cai, Wei-jun
carbon sequestration Markewitz, Dan
carbon-cycling studies Cai, Wei-jun
cattle management Cabrera, Miguel
chemical Schroeder, Paul
chemosynthetic habitats Joye, Samantha
climate Knox, John
climate Mote, Tom
climate Shepherd, Marshall
climate Stooksbury, David
climate change Carroll, Ron
climate change Covich, Alan
climate change Mote, Tom
climate change Shepherd, Marshall
climate variation Brook, George
climatogy Grundstein, Andrew
climatology Knox, Pam
co2 Cai, Wei-jun
coastal erosion Kriesel, Warren
coastal marine
Moran, Mary Ann
coastal ocean mixing Di Iorio, Daniela
coastal systems Alber, Merryl
coil physics Rasmussen, Todd
colloids Thompson, Aaron
community and ecosystem
King, Elizabeth
community ecology Ballantyne, Ford
comparative law Centner, Terence
compost Gaskin, Julia
conservation Freeman, Mary
conservation Pringle, Cathy
conservation Thomas, Paul
conservation biology Carroll, Ron
conservation biology Pringle, Cathy
conservation policy Carroll, Ron
conservation tillage Hawkins, Gary
construction &
demolition recycling
Gaskin, Julia
consumer Westerfield, Bob
contaminants Huang, Jack
coral reef bleaching Fitt, William
coral reefs Fitt, William
coral reefs Porter, Jim
coral-algal symbiosis Fitt, William
corals Lipp, Erin
cotton Paterson, Andrew
cotton genome Paterson, Andrew
crop physiology van Iersel, Marc
crop production Thomas, Paul
crop science van Iersel, Marc
crop sciences Paterson, Andrew
cryoshpere Mote, Tom
cryospheric studies Grundstein, Andrew
cyanobacteria Wilde, Susan
death notification Stewart, Alan
deep vadose zone
Dowd, John
degradationpreseration of
organic matter in marine sediments
Sun, Ming-Yi
detention pond Berle, David
detoxification Huang, Jack
detritus-based food webs Rosemond, Amy
development Smith, Mary Alice
development economics Ferreira, Susana
development of camellia
oleifera as a new oil crop
Ruter, John
development of policty and
techniques to conserve soil and water resources
Risse, Mark
development of sensors Cai, Wei-jun
development of the coastal
plain arboretum in Tifton Georgia
Ruter, John
disease Li, Zenglu
disease transmission Lipp, Erin
dispute resolution Dallmeyer, Dorinda
drainage Radcliffe, David
drainage system Berle, David
drinking water Beck, Bruce
drinking water Lipp, Erin
drip irrigation Diaz-Perez, Juan Carlos
drought Knox, Pam
droughts Stooksbury, David
drought-tolerant cotton
Snider, John
dryland vegetation
King, Elizabeth
ecological genomics Moran, Mary Ann
ecological psychology Stewart, Alan
ecology Carroll, Ron
ecology Freeman, Bud
ecology Henry, Gerald
ecology Lipp, Erin
ecology of forested
Sharitz, Becky
economics Brook, George
economics Kriesel, Warren
ecosystem Joye, Samantha
ecosystems Alber, Merryl
ecosystems ecology Ballantyne, Ford
ecosystems services Schmidt, John
effect of supra optimal
temperatures on plant growth and physiology
Ruter, John
effects of climate change
on tropical stream ecosystems
Pringle, Cathy
effects of disturbance on
stream ecosystems
Wallace, Bruce
effects of disturbances of
wetland plant communities
Sharitz, Becky
effects of faunal
extinction on ecosystem structure and function
Pringle, Cathy
effects of land use on
aquatic ecosystems
Rosemond, Amy
effects of redox and
benthic animals on sedimentary carob cycling
Sun, Ming-Yi
effects of urbanization on
aquatic ecosystems
Rosemond, Amy
electrical systems and
Worley, John
electron microscopy
applications for horticulture
Ruter, John
emerging pollutants Huang, Jack
endangered species Freeman, Bud
energy Sellers, Jackie
engineering ecology Gattie, David
enhanced quality Li, Zenglu
entomology Batzer, Darold
Entomology and Nematology Shilling, Donn
environment Batzer, Darold
environment Bergstrom, John
environmental and
horticultural sciences and forestry
Shilling, Donn
environmental and natural
resource economics
Ferreira, Susana
environmental biology Alber, Merryl
environmental chemistry Miller, Bill
environmental chemistry Shuman, Larry
environmental conservation Centner, Terence
environmental economics Shulstad, Robert
environmental geology Leigh, David
environmental health Radcliffe, David
environmental health Williams, Phil
environmental health
Wang, Jia-Sheng
environmental informatics Beck, Bruce
environmental law Appel, Peter
environmental law Centner, Terence
environmental law Fowler, Laurie
environmental management Centner, Terence
environmental management Huang, Jack
environmental modeling Beck, Bruce
environmental policy Ferreira, Susana
environmental policy
McDowell, Rob
environmental problems in
aquatic ecosystems
Porter, Jim
environmental problems in
aquatic ecosystems
Pringle, Cathy
environmental psychology Stewart, Alan
environmental remediation Huang, Jack
environmental science Varlamoff, Susan
environmental sciences Alber, Merryl
environmental sciences Leigh, David
environmetal toxicology Smith, Mary Alice
enzymatic reactions Huang, Jack
estuaries Hollibaugh, James
estuarine food webs Alber, Merryl
evaluation of container
production systems
Ruter, John
evaluation of growth
regulators for container grown plants
Ruter, John
evaluation of landscape
plants for Georgia
Ruter, John
evaluation of phosphorus
runoff and losses from container grown plants
Ruter, John
evironmental ethics Dallmeyer, Dorinda
evolutionary genetics Paterson, Andrew
extension irrigation education Porter, Wesley
facilitation of integrated
pest management
Guillebeau, Lee Paul
fate and transport of human pathogens in soil Habteselassie, Mussie
fertility Henry, Gerald
fertilization Markewitz, Dan
fertilization practices
for field grown nursery stock
Ruter, John
fertilizer management van Iersel, Marc
finance Sellers, Jackie
fish Winger, Parley
fish and frogs Black, Marsha
fish ecology Jennings, Cecil
fish population dynamics Jennings, Cecil
fisheries Peterson, Doug
fisheries Shelton, Jay
fisheries biology and
Jennings, Cecil
flood insurance Kriesel, Warren
floodplains Batzer, Darold
floods Stooksbury, David
floriculture van Iersel, Marc
fluid mechanics Christian, Jason
fluvial geomorphology Leigh, David
flyash Gaskin, Julia
food processing Kiepper, Brian
food web structure Rosemond, Amy
forage Shilling, Donn
forest land utilization Morris, Larry
forest regeneration Carroll, Ron
freshwater ecology Covich, Alan
freshwater fishes Freeman, Bud
freshwater fishes endemic
to southeastern systems
Freeman, Bud
freshwater systems Porter, Jim
freshwater withdrawl Alber, Merryl
function of microbial
Hollibaugh, James
gardens Little, Elizabeth
genetics and biotechnology Shilling, Donn
genetics research Raymer, Paul
genome Paterson, Andrew
genome mapping Paterson, Andrew
genomic technology Li, Zenglu
geoarchaeologcial studies
of marine and coastal sites-georgia
Garrison, Ervan
geoarcheology Leigh, David
geochemical modeling Joye, Samantha
geography Brook, George
geography Brook, George
geography Leigh, David
geography Nzengung, Valentine
geology Leigh, David
geology McDowell, Rob
geology Nzengung, Valentine
geomorphology Leigh, David
geophysical methods Hawman, Robert
georgia coastal salt
King, Elizabeth
germplasm enhancement Li, Zenglu
GIS Mishra, Deepak
Schmidt, John
Porter, Wesley
global change Cai, Wei-jun
global change Covich, Alan
global change effects on
aquatic ecosystems
Rosemond, Amy
global environmental
Leigh, David
global methane cycle Joye, Samantha
global nitrogen cycle Joye, Samantha
global warming Markewitz, Dan
global warming Mote, Tom
golf course Henry, Gerald
government regulations Centner, Terence
GPS Porter, Wesley
GPS to coastal environments Mishra, Deepak
green cleaning Turner, Pam
green buildings Vick, Alfie
greenhouse Thomas, Paul
greenhouse irrigation van Iersel, Marc
green infrastructure Vick, Alfie
groundwater Bosch, David
groundwater Milewski, Adam
groundwater Rasmussen, Todd
groundwater dynamics at
the land-ocean interfac
Meile, Christof
guidance Waltz, Clint
habitat bioassessment Winger, Parley
hazards and environmental
Garrison, Ervan
heat and water stress of
Diaz-Perez, Juan Carlos
heat stress physiology and
adaptation of woody plants
Ruter, John
heterogeneity and scaling
in naural systems
Meile, Christof
high yield Li, Zenglu
home landscapes Little, Elizabeth
homeowner Westerfield, Bob
Turner, Pam
horticulture van Iersel, Marc
housing law Smith, Jim
human impacts in the
coastal zone
Alber, Merryl
human impacts in the
coastal zone
Hollibaugh, James
hurricane Jackson, Rhett
hurricane and drought
impacts on watersheds
Covich, Alan
hurricane katrina Beck, Bruce
hurricane katrina Jackson, Rhett
hydroclimatology Grundstein, Andrew
hydroclimatology Mote, Tom
hydrology Bosch, David
hydrology Gattie, David
hydrology Jackson, Rhett
hydrology Leigh, David
hydrology and hydraulics Christian, Jason
hydroponics van Iersel, Marc
impact assessment Batzer, Darold
infectious diseases Porter, Jim
infrastructure Ramos, Stephen
insect resistance Li, Zenglu
insects Batzer, Darold
instream flow Freeman, Mary
integrated management Little, Elizabeth
integrated water resources
Beck, Bruce
interactions between
science and policy
Alber, Merryl
international development Mullen, Jeff
international development Ramos, Stephen
International Trade Ferreira, Susana
invasive species Carroll, Ron
Schmidt, John
invasive aquatic species Burtle, Gary
invertebrate community
structure in streams
Wallace, Bruce
invertebrates Batzer, Darold
irrigation Porter, Wesley
irrigation Snider, John
irrigation Waltz, Clint
irrigation economics Mullen, Jeff
irrigation scheduling Porter, Wesley
kinemaic rainfall
Dowd, John
lake sediments Cai, Wei-jun
land Shulstad, Robert
land application of wastes Miller, Bill
land application systems Gaskin, Julia
land use law Fowler, Laurie
land use law Smith, Jim
land use planning or
Centner, Terence
land-ocean interface Meile, Christof
landscape architecture Vick, Alfie
landscape management Westerfield, Bob
land-use change Jackson, Rhett
levee Jackson, Rhett
linkages between
biodiversity and ecosystem function
Rosemond, Amy
logging Batzer, Darold
management Henry, Gerald
manipulation of stream
food webs
Wallace, Bruce
marine carbon Moran, Mary Ann
marine ecology Alber, Merryl
marine ecology Batzer, Darold
marine ecosystems Porter, Jim
marine roseobacter
Moran, Mary Ann
marker/QTL discovery Li, Zenglu
metabolism Joye, Samantha
metagenomics Moran, Mary Ann
metals Gaskin, Julia
metals Joye, Samantha
metatranscriptomics Moran, Mary Ann
microbes Lipp, Erin
microbial ecology Joye, Samantha
microbial mats Meile, Christof
microbial metabolism Meile, Christof
microbial water quality Habteselassie, Mussie
biogeochemical cycling early diagenesis
Meile, Christof
modeslf of esturaine
flusing times
Alber, Merryl
mole crickets Braman, Kristine
molecular biology Joye, Samantha
molecular breeding
Li, Zenglu
molecular epidemiology Wang, Jia-Sheng
molecular genetics Paterson, Andrew
mortgage fraud Smith, Jim
mouse ear on river birch Ruter, John
municipal wastewater Gaskin, Julia
nanomaterials Huang, Jack
native americans & the
Appel, Peter
natural resource
Gattie, David
natural resource
Gattie, David
natural resource modeling Bosch, David
natural resources Appel, Peter
natural resources Bergstrom, John
natural resources
Tollner, Bill
natural resources law Appel, Peter
natural resources
Carroll, Ron
natural wastewater
treatment systems constructed wetlands
Carroll, Ron
nearshore environments Alber, Merryl
net ecosystem metabolism Hollibaugh, James
network analysis Gattie, David
network modeling of flow
Dowd, John
nitrogen Markewitz, Dan
non-market valuation Mullen, Jeff
nonpoint source pollution Black, Marsha
non-point sources
pollution management
Risse, Mark
numerical modeling and
Rasmussen, Todd
nursery irrigation van Iersel, Marc
nutrient cycling Pringle, Cathy
nutrient flow in aquatic
Rosemond, Amy
nutrient runoff Markewitz, Dan
nutrients Thompson, Aaron
nutrition management Morris, Larry
o2 Cai, Wei-jun
ocean optics and satellite oceanography Mishra, Deepak
oceanographic Di Iorio, Daniela
onsite septic systems Habteselassie, Mussie
organic carbon degradation Cai, Wei-jun
organic compounds Thompson, Aaron
organic materials in
coastal environments
Joye, Samantha
organic matter dynamics in
Wallace, Bruce
organic pollutants Huang, Jack
organic production of
Diaz-Perez, Juan Carlos
ornamentals van Iersel, Marc
ornamentals Westerfield, Bob
pahs Huang, Jack
paleoecological studies of
marine and coastal sites-georgia
Garrison, Ervan
pastoralism in Africa King, Elizabeth
pcbs Huang, Jack
perfluorinated chemicals Huang, Jack
pest Guillebeau, Lee Paul
pesticide Guillebeau, Lee Paul
pesticide policy and
Guillebeau, Lee Paul
pesticides Huang, Jack
pesticides Waltz, Clint
pests Guillebeau, Lee Paul
pfcs Huang, Jack
phosphorus Gaskin, Julia
phosphorus Markewitz, Dan
Phosphorus and nickel
nutrition of container grown plants
Ruter, John
photosynthesis van Iersel, Marc
physical habitat
Gattie, David
physical oceanography Di Iorio, Daniela
physics Radcliffe, David
physiology Henry, Gerald
physiology Joye, Samantha
physiology of giant
Fitt, William
plant breeding Shilling, Donn
plant community ecology Sharitz, Becky
plant diseases Little, Elizabeth
plant ecology Shilling, Donn
plant health Little, Elizabeth
plant nutrition Shuman, Larry
plant pathology Shilling, Donn
plant respiration
responses to supra optimal temperatures
Ruter, John
plant sciences Paterson, Andrew
plant-animal interactions Carroll, Ron
plasticulture Diaz-Perez, Juan Carlos
population ecology Ballantyne, Ford
poison Winger, Parley
polar oceanography Hollibaugh, James
polar oceonography Sun, Ming-Yi
pond management Shelton, Jay
Burtle, Gary
population biology Schmidt, John
pore-water chemistry and
toxicity, benthic macroinvertabrates
Winger, Parley
port cities Ramos, Stephen
postharvest Tollner, Bill
Pot-in-pot production
Ruter, John
poultry litter Gaskin, Julia
poultry litter application Cabrera, Miguel
pourous pavements Ferguson, Bruce
precision agriculture Vellidis, George
precision agribulture technologies Porter, Wesley
precision agriculture
Kvien, Craig
precision irrigation Porter, Wesley
pre-purchase education Turner, Pam
production economics Mullen, Jeff
Propagation of plants
native to Georgia and the Coastal Plain
Ruter, John
property Appel, Peter
property prices Kriesel, Warren
psychology of climate Stewart, Alan
psychology of weather Stewart, Alan
public environmental
Shulstad, Robert
quatenary studies Leigh, David
rainfall Knox, Pam
rainwater harvesting Vick, Alfie
Meile, Christof
real estate Smith, Jim
real estate Smith, Jim
reclaimed water Waltz, Clint
recycling Thomas, Paul
reducing indoor
environmental asthma
Turner, Pam
reduction of pesticide
Guillebeau, Lee Paul
remote sensing

Mote, Tom
Mishra, Deepak
Schmidt, John

remote sensing of wetlands, estuaries, coastal and open ocean waters Mishra, Deepak
remote sensing of monitoring global climate change Mishra, Deepak
reproductive toxicology Smith, Mary Alice
research Varlamoff, Susan
reservoirs Milewski, Adam
residential landscape
Berle, David
residential water
Berle, David
resilience King, Elizabeth
respiration van Iersel, Marc
restoration ecology King, Elizabeth
retention pond Berle, David
risk assessment Smith, Mary Alice
river ecology Freeman, Mary
river management Freeman, Mary
role of aquatic
invertebrates in stream ecosystem processes
Wallace, Bruce
role of bacteria in
biogeochemical processes
Hollibaugh, James
role of bioloical and
physical mixing in biogeochemical processing of bloom-derived organic matter
Sun, Ming-Yi
root-soil interactions Morris, Larry
runoff Thomas, Paul
secondary production and
ecology of aquatic invertebrates
Wallace, Bruce
secured transactions Smith, Jim
sediment chemistry and
Winger, Parley
sediment control Miller, Bill
sediment quality
Winger, Parley
sediment-water exchange
Meile, Christof
seeps Meile, Christof
seismic methods Hawman, Robert
septic systems Habteselassie, Mussie
sewage sludge Gaskin, Julia
shallow geophysics Garrison, Ervan
shear flows Di Iorio, Daniela
social-ecological systems King, Elizabeth
soil Morris, Larry
soil chemistry Markewitz, Dan
soil chemistry Shuman, Larry
soil enzymes Huang, Jack
soil erosion Markewitz, Dan
soil erosion Miller, Bill
soil erosion Radcliffe, David
soil geomorphology Leigh, David
soil moisture monitoring Porter, Wesley
soil nitrogen cycle Habteselassie, Mussie
soil quality Gaskin, Julia
soil science Miller, Bill
soil science Waltz, Clint
soil sciences Paterson, Andrew
soil sciences Radcliffe, David
soil sciences Shuman, Larry
solar digestion Hawkins, Gary
source Sun, Ming-Yi
soybean Li, Zenglu
soybean genetic diversity Li, Zenglu
stable isotopes Schroeder, Paul
statistical ecology Grossman, Gary
storms Knox, John
stormwater management Vick, Alfie
stormwater management Jackson, Rhett
stormwater management and
erosion control
Risse, Mark
stream crossing design Gattie, David
stream ecology Wallace, Bruce
stream fishes Freeman, Mary
stream organisms Grossman, Gary
stream water quality Cabrera, Miguel
streamflow Bosch, David
structural soils Ferguson, Bruce
structure of microbial
Hollibaugh, James
sulfur cycle Moran, Mary Ann
surface runoff Milewski, Adam
surface water Rasmussen, Todd
suspend sediments in
Alber, Merryl
sustainable design Vick, Alfie
sustainability science King, Elizabeth
sustainable agricultural
Little, Elizabeth
Carroll, Ron
sustainable development Carroll, Ron
sustainable development Freeman, Bud
sustainable development Pringle, Cathy
sustainable vegetable
Diaz-Perez, Juan Carlos
environmental impact
Little, Elizabeth
symbiosis Fitt, William
taxonomy of southeastern
freshwater fishes
Freeman, Bud
technologies of stormwater
Ferguson, Bruce
theoretical and statistical ecology Ballantyne, Ford
tidal channels Di Iorio, Daniela
tourism Kriesel, Warren
toxic algae Burtle, Gary
toxicants Smith, Mary Alice
toxicity testing Winger, Parley
toxicology Williams, Phil
trace elements Thompson, Aaron
transmission of human
pathogen to marine invertebrates
Porter, Jim
transport and fate of
natural and anthropogenic organic matter in estuarine systems
Sun, Ming-Yi
trophic interaction Batzer, Darold
tropical ecology Pringle, Cathy
tropical streams Covich, Alan
tropical streams Pringle, Cathy
turbulence Knox, John
turf Braman, Kristine
turf and weed sciences Shilling, Donn
turf management Henry, Gerald
turfgrass Braman, Kristine
turfgrass Waltz, Clint
turfgrass breeding Raymer, Paul
turfgrass management Landry, Gil
urban agriculture Landry, Gil
urban design to protect
Ferguson, Bruce
urban growth Covich, Alan
urban infrastructure
analysis & design
Christian, Jason
urbanism Ramos, Stephen
vegetables Westerfield, Bob
vetetation ecology Schmidt, John
vibrational spectroscopy Schroeder, Paul
viruses Lipp, Erin
waste Morris, Larry
waste centers Tollner, Bill
waste handling systems Worley, John
waste management Risse, Mark
waste minimization Kiepper, Brian
wastewater Kiepper, Brian
wastewater Morris, Larry
wastewater Nzengung, Valentine
water Beck, Bruce
water Kiepper, Brian
water Lipp, Erin
water Sellers, Jackie
water Winger, Parley
water chemistry Markewitz, Dan
water conservation Bosch, David
water conservation Waltz, Clint
water economics Mullen, Jeff
water infrastructure Beck, Bruce
water law Smith, Jim
water management Gattie, David
water management plan Askew, Leigh
water policy Shulstad, Robert
water quality Beck, Bruce
water quality Black, Marsha
water quality Bosch, David
water quality Burtle, Gary
water quality Centner, Terence
water quality Gattie, David
water quality Huang, Jack
water quality Lipp, Erin
water quality Markewitz, Dan
water quality Rasmussen, Todd
water quality Vellidis, George
water quality Waltz, Clint
water resource management Thomas, Paul
water resource management
McDowell, Rob
water resources Beck, Bruce
water resources Grundstein, Andrew
water resources Stooksbury, David
water resources
environmental impacts
Radcliffe, David
water resources policy Risse, Mark
water safety Lipp, Erin
water use Waltz, Clint
watershed Beck, Bruce
watershed assessment Gattie, David
watershed assessment Tollner, Bill
watershed conservation Fitt, William
watershed conservation Freeman, Bud
watershed management Beck, Bruce
watershed management Carroll, Ron
watershed planning Jackson, Rhett
watersheds Batzer, Darold
water-use efficient Snider, John
wave propagation Di Iorio, Daniela
weather Knox, John
weather Knox, Pam
weather Mote, Tom
weather Stooksbury, David
weather and climate Shepherd, Marshall
weed control practices for
container grown plants
Ruter, John
weed science Henry, Gerald
wetland conservation Sharitz, Becky
wetland restoration Sharitz, Becky
wetlands Batzer, Darold
wetlands Jackson, Rhett
wetlands ecology Sharitz, Becky
white grubs Braman, Kristine
wood ash Gaskin, Julia
xeriscape Westerfield, Bob
x-ray and electron
Schroeder, Paul