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Policy Issues

Georgia Water Planning & Policy Center
The Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center (GWPPC) was formed in 1999 with support from the Georgia General Assembly and the Georgia Research Alliance. The Center was created to provide leadership in Georgia in the research and design of policies affecting water resources. Find PDF versions of the publication Water Talk at this site.

The Water Council
The Water Council is a coordinating committee created by the Comprehensive Statewide Water Management Planning Act. According to the Act, the Water Council’s purpose is to: ensure coordination, cooperation and communication among state agencies and their water-related efforts in the development of a comprehensive statewide water management plan; provide input to the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources concerning development of the plan; review, modify if necessary, and approve the final draft of the proposed plan; recommend such proposed plan for consideration by the General Assembly. Find documents pertaining to their mission at this site.

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District is a planning entity dedicated to developing comprehensive watershed, wastewater and water supply and conservation plans to be implemented by local governments in the 16-county metro Atlanta region. Find PDFs detailing wastewater, water supply, and watershed plans at this site.

Community Advocacy Groups

Directory of Watershed Organizations
Georgia River Network provides a comprehensive listing of watershed organizations by region and by basin.